Date Harvest – Rancho Meladuco Date Farm

I recently had the opportunity to photograph date harvesting at the Rancho Meladuco Date Farm.  It was both fun and yummy!  Nothing like a date right off the tree!! I felt like I should pay them for the privilege.  You can buy some from their website or drop by the store on PCH in Newport Beach (info below).  So, here are the photos…

Luis the “palmero”  gearing up for the job.  I’m told that all of his equipment is handmade.  Btw, the portrait of the palmero was made with my 1962 Iskra (KMZ) folding camera on Kodak Ektar 100 for you camera nerds. The rest of the photos are from either my Canonet rangefinder (also on Ektar) or the Canon 5d MkII.

Luis way up in the trees collecting dates. It’s seriously high up but he looks like he’s just chillin’ up there.

And, finally, the literal fruit of his labor.  That’s Ramon helpin’ out with the trays.


Rancho Meladuco Date Farm

The Date Shop @dateshopcalifornia

2700 West Coast Highway, Suite 222
Newport Beach, CA 92663

All photos by me, Kip Roof


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