On a whim, I up and went to a Boombox event held at Venice Beach by the folks at Boomboxery West Coast. Fortunately, official photographer Nanette Ricaforte, kindly let me butt in with my ridiculous old camera (film and camera details below the black and white photos). I was able to make a few shots on 4×5 and a bunch of 35mm as well. Nanette also shot some 35mm with some really cool cameras she reskinned herself. All the folks who showed up were great and a few even asked to have their photo taken on the 4×5. And, as I compose this, I’m listening to a cassette that I got from one of the group members .

So a huge thanks to all the boombox folks for letting me invade their group for a day! Definitely an excellent group of people. I might just have to acquire a boombox now! I don’t think my Walkman will mind 🙂

Just milling about
L to R: @Migz180 | @angel6er | | @bumpboxx.socal | @macdfresh | @robassassin | @oldskool_addict | @iamdjcurse | @thestereohype | @boomboxxchuck
Photographing the Photographer
Top, left to right: @robassassin, @boomboxxchuck, @angel6er, @macdfresh, @iamdjcurse, @thestereohype
Bottom, left to right: @oldskool_addict w/lil Stevie, @Migz180, @bumpboxx.socal
Boxes of Boom
More Boomboxes
@Migz180 | @bumpboxx.socal | @robassassin | @iamdjcurse

All the B+W photos above were shot on 4×5 Ilford HP5 with A Busch Pressman Camera and a 135mm Zeiss Tessar Lens. Processed in PMK PYRO using a Stearman Press Sp-445 Processing tank.

The color photos below were all taken with a Canonet Rangefinder once I’d run out of 4×5 film. Some is Ektar and Some is Portra. You can click on individual photos to see them larger.